Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sugar and Spice!

Keila is officially 1 years old and I can't hardly believe how quickly she's grown. As usual of birthdays I took a moment last night to review old posts and pictures over the year and amid sentimental sighs and giggles, I realized what an amazing thing it is to watch a child change over a year. Enormous growth takes place physically, mentally and emotionally as they take in an overwhelmingly large world around them. No wonder they need 3 naps a day! (might I claim that same privilege too! The overwhelmed and needing nap part...) So here's to a little girl who enjoyed her first year of life to the fullest!

She's an affectionate soul - truly. I have never known a child so cuddly and loving. Her famous duck under your chin hugs, the 'kisses' (which consist of a wet open mouth plant) delivered on an available part of body complete with giggles, her honest distress when big brother is upset and her need to comfort with an awkward pat on the head and then a lean into hug. There is something do heartwarming and winsome as genuine physical affection and we love that we are the blessed recipients of it.

She has grown to have such definite likes and dislikes over this last year. She loves food in all it's many forms - a Montierth family theme.

Her first taste of ice cream!

She loves shoes and clothes and anything that sparkles and can spend a great deal of time looking over them. I'm sure this girly girl will need great patience with her rather dull practical mother.

These were some PJ's that were given by some much older cousins that Isaac was positive they were princess clothes. Keila LOVED them and especially the ruffled edges of her sleeves and the purse.

She also loves animals. Much to our relief (and Sunshine's) she shows the greatest of tenderness to the rabbit and Sunshine in turn seeks her out on and off for the awkward little rub. I've even seen her plop down next to Keila in contentment. We thought for a time it was just our rabbit, but when we went to Cabela's (a sporting/hunting store) Keila was enthralled with all the stuffed animals and kept pointing and babbling at the elk, deer, etc. with great enthusiasm. Kent's only worry is that one day she'll figure out that they're dead and freak out over it. ;0)

She has such a strong personality that you almost wouldn't expect in one so cuddly. If she feels she's in the right, she'll be sure to 'tell' you and isn't easily placated. When she wants something, she won't let anyone get in her way, in particular her brother. I can already see that Isaac and her will be the best of playmates and the worst of enemies! The tenderness in her seems to balance it out though and I'm sure I'll be particularly grateful for these traits as she gets older. (watch out boys, this little girl can take care of herself!)

Before having Keila I always hated the 'princess' phrase, perhaps because it came from egocentric, narcissistic teens. Lately though Isaac's been the one pretending he's the knight to rescue his princess sister and I find my heart warming to the title as she grows. There is something of the divine in her loving innocent soul. Happy Birthday my sweet princess girl. We love you!

It's suppose to be a caterpillar ....

Guess who enjoyed himself too?!

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