Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Good Ole Family Fun

I love shots of my kids and even though we've been to the zoo so many times I still haul the 'second wife' to capture these shots. Kiddos in their element. We all love the weekend and make family time a celebration of sorts.
A random shot of Eli on the trampline, he loves bouncing and for a split second he looks like he levitating!
For one family home evening we hit the drive in version of Frozen. The kids had no idea what we were doing eating homemade pizza in a giant parking lot but they thought it was pretty cool when the show started and we could cozy up in the comfort of our van munching on popcorn. Our own private theater! It was crazy late by the time we got back but we all had so much fun!
Kent and Isaac went through some major efforts to make valentines fun for the ladies. Those are paper made flowers folks and with an ever so tempting chocolate center! Kudos for creativity!
These are the memories!

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