Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Two Years!

The little professor is turning two in just a month! It seems crazy to think of but these last few months he has really grown, not just physically but a ton in personality. He's learning to assert his own will and while all of my children were rather persistent kiddos, he has got to be one of the strongest personalities I've met. But he has this way of looking at me and throwing the unwanted item despite a firm "no" and smoothing it over with his impish little smile followed by the cutest giggle you've ever heard. The sound is infectious and has everyone laughing above my smiling protests. Heaven help us all!

He is a go getter and we've been thrilled to see his persistence applied to walking. I think he will run as soon as he can get himself steady on two feet! The other day we figured out that his core is finally strong enough to go down the slides without any help. He was elated and walked assisted to the slide over and over. We showed him how to use the support of the rails to get up the stairs and his excitement upped another level. Even when he missed grabbing the rail and cried from his startling fall, he wouldn't back down and was right back at it again. I'm amazed at him, his enthusiasm for his achievements, his joy at the simple things of life and his fearlessness to try, try again.

He still loves the swings and playing with balls. One of his favorite pastimes is the plasma car we got for Christmas. He learned the sign for it quickly and will kick his little feet in anticipation of the speed as we go whipping around corners. Isaac is clearly his idol and if anyone can get him to eat his veggies at dinner it is big brother with his goofy faces and noises. He and Keila have reached a truce of sorts and I can find them giggling together on an off. He is sure to assert his hair pulling skills though if the mauling gets to be too much!

Here are some of my favorite shots of him through the years!

I really can't believe it's been two years. I guess his physical stature and being behind on some milestones has me feeling like he is still a baby. Down syndrome or not, he is his own soul and I need to respect that, especially as he grows older. His soul may be older than mine for all I know, just placed in a body that doesn't reflect it. I wouldn't have it any other way. How I love this little man!

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