Thursday, February 20, 2014

Real Heroes

Being at stepping stones preschool has been a great experience. It's put us in touch with other people outside our typical LDS or church friends and we've be able to gain much from the interaction. Two of the gals I work with there are the twin daughters of Keilas's current teacher, Mrs. Berneburg. Both ladies have married police officers and one of their men in the unit died while on duty this year, Officer D Raetz. There were fundraisers to help with the wife and child left behind as well as a huge attendce of officers at the little girls kindergarten graduation. The whole unit wished to be able to attend an annual event in DC to honor all those who have fallen in the line of duty, so they hosted a fundraiser at the Deer Valley Airhanger for the police and we were so happy to enjoy the company and share in such a great cause.

You could see posters honoring many officers who had passed on from years past. These are the quiet heros you don't always remember.
The event came the day after valentines and Keila desperately wanted a rose. I'm glad we held off and spent our money here for something beautiful for her to enjoy and for a greater cause.

We enjoyed the fire trucks, helicopters, bounce houses, crafts, magic show and even dancing to live music and visiting with some of our favorite teachers from Stepping Stones.

While we had a lot of fun, i think it brought home to Isaac how much we live and work in a community. Most of all he seemed to understand that heros are not always so obvious, they are simply people doing their best to do what is right. May we always remember the sacrifices so many other make so we can enjoy the safety and freedoms we have!

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