Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Growing Older

Guess who lost her first tooth! She was eating a piece of bread with almond butter and discovered it was gone. Apparently she thought it was crunchy almond butter and swallowed her tooth!
She worried that the tooth fairy wouldn't know to visit but it looks like she made it!

In addition we decided to enroll her into gymnastics and give her an opportunity to explore her own interests. They open the gym for an hour each day and Eli has enjoyed a good workout as well!
She was hesitant to jump in the foam pit at first and needed a little help...

After a while she got the courage and then we couldn't stop her from jumping over and over! Can't believe how much this girl has grown!

Isaac has also hit his own milestone, riding a bike with ought training wheels! It was a rocky start for all involved. Had we thought about it earlier we would have bought a balance bike for him to learn on first but we made it somehow and while he's a little wobbly and needs a little work on control, I'm sure he'll be there soon!

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