Friday, March 7, 2014

Isaac's Firsts

So Issacs school had a fundraiser called the Fun Run. Kent is ever wary of fund raisers (ironic since I now do my own for Sharing Down Syndrome of Az)and wasn't sure about sponsoring Isaac for it. But I managed to convince him since it wasn't the typical fundraiser, it involved good education about caring for oneself, and fun found in exercise. The last day they were given the opportunity to run up to 36 laps (distance equalling 2 miles) and for each lap he ran we sponsored a dollar. He was super excited and Kent managed to go in late enough to work to catch the first part of his run.

Isaac did great, he ran all 36 laps and loved it. I'm hoping this might be the start to a new hobby and an outlet for his exuberant energy!

He and kent went to the sporting store for some guy time and looked into a bow. Ever since watching the cartoon version of Avengers, Isaac has idolized the hero Hawk Eye ( amusingly referred to as Hot Guy before Isaac heard it properly!). I must admit there is something much more elegant about him than Hulk or Thor and so we got him a bow and two arrows for an amazingly cheap price. He's made his own target and we are very thorough about the rules when using it. He's really enjoyed it and I have a feeling it'll be a source of entertainment fora few years to come!

He does look like a pretty 'Hot Guy' doesn't he!

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