Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Unexpected

The snow day with the shake was a nice reprieve for Eli. He had begun developing a fever the night before and unfortunately he didn't respond to either ibuprofen or acetimenophene. It in the early morning hours he was his usual self so we attempted an outing out to the American History Museum.

We enjoyed seeing the flag that inspired the national anthem and felt a spirit of reverence and awe at how our little nation survived so much in its early years to grow to be what it is today. We also made it a point to stop by the exhibit on Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther king jr. It was a major point of study for Isaac in school and being the little sponge he his, he soaked it all in. H wanted to know everything, from how the lives of slaves were to how things had or hadn't changed for the African American people leading up to the march. There were mention of many other names, such as rosa parks, and the events to lead to this point I. History. The educator in me realized that I would love to take a summer and paint it out for him through stories, film, etc so he grasp the scope of these men and their impact on our society. He was never bored, so very captivated by all he was learning, how I wished we could have stayed longer.

As is, both Eli and keila were having a rough time. Perhaps at a later date, when everyone is a little older we can go back again and see it all again. We decided to take Eli to the urgent care that afternoon and while the cut he'd sustained on the plane ride out was a little swollen it was just around the big toe. The doctors felt sure his fever was more due to strep throat and sent us back with a perscrition of amoxicillin.

Unfortunately that wasn't the end of the story, the next morning Eli's swelling had progressed right up his foot to the ankle. We were so grateful to abbey for taking the older two as we rushed Eli into the ER. He was admitted immediately and given some IV antibiotics along with an X-ray to ensure there were no broken bones in his foot. His response to the medication was very quick and set aside my fears of needing an MRI to check for an abcess and also a surgery. The next two and a half day were a blur between kent taking the older two to enjoy the sights, our switching off for the afternoons so I could get out and then my long nights with Eli at the hospital. The little man was dying of boredom and always thrilled to see his siblings, even Keila! Originally the doctor wanted to keep us for another two days, but I explained our circumstances and with the assurance that we had a visit with our primary care physician within two days of bent home, he let us to with oral clindimyicin. We were free!

I must say I missed the familiar when things just don't go right, but at the same time we were so well cared for by the Zhao family that I don't think the older two will even remember the hospital visits!
On one of my evenings out we even hit Rita's for the first day of spring celebration. I am extremely grateful to have had friends there to get us through a rough unexpected patch. Sometimes it's the rough patches show us our unexpected blessings too! Thank you Zhao family!

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