Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The Canadian in me really comes out around the snow. For instance I kept wanting to call the winter hats a toque or sledding/tubing - tobagganing. It didn't matter with my kids though, anything associated with snow is foreign to them. Keila didn't want a thing on her head until she spent some good time outside, then those silly earmuffs looked awfully appealing.

About 2 hours north of Germantown in Pennsylvania was a resort with sledding available. The Zhao family had yet to go themselves so it seemed like the perfect outing for everyone. It was such a chore getting everyone dressed and ready, I'd forgotten the inevitable need for a potty once one was decked out and moving like the stay puff marshmallow man. Then we had to strip down all over again! Thank heavens abbey had more than enough clothing for everyone except Eli. With all the physical activity though, he kept warm enough in our AZ winter clothes.

The little dare devil kept trying to stand in the tub as I dragged hi, back up the kiddie hill. He and I had fun while the others went on the bigger hills.

Isaac complained how hard it was to drag his tube to the moving belt to get back up the hill. I felt like the old foggie with stories of how I always dragged the tube back up the hill on my own. In some cases the adults did all the work while others giggled as they were dragged back. Snacks midway were a nice break and the others hit the hill again while a little man slept on my back. It was an exhausting day, but filled with plenty of fun memories!

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