Monday, March 24, 2014

Soul Friends

Too often Kent and I have debated the idea of moving out east. There is just so much to do, so much history and beauty .... So we opted for the next best thing, a 12 day trip out to maryland and surrounding area. The best part is that we get to stay with the Zhao family. Abby Zhao (poon) and I were roommates back at Brigham young university and were like two peas in a pod, both practical girls with similar views on life and the world. I was more of the social butterfly and she was the one that taught me not be too serious at times. We made a good friendship! I was around to listen to her dating worries when she met Da Zhao and she was there to meet Kent when we first started dating. Friendships like that just pick up where they leave off no matter the years or distance and so it was only natural that our families would have a blast coming together.

Keila and cayleigh are thick as thieves and its so nice to see my girl so happy to have someone to be silly with. The first day had them playing at the park together on the swings and thereafter they'd have silly conversations on who knows what and enjoyed crafting all sorts of things, including a kite they ran up and down streets!

Issac actually met Brennan and Clayton years ago when he was not yet two. Back then he adoringly chased Brennan and was a wary of Clayton. This time he and Clayton spent a two hour car ride discussing all thing math. There are bey blade competitions, crazy hot wheel tracks and lots of learning about Pokemon - I'm sure it will be his next great obsession.
This shot was on their last night together, a final loving dog pile!

Once the kids were down we'd have late night chats and midnight meals of steak, shoo fly pie or tong yuen. Kent began picking up Da-isms always joking together and abbey and talked and laughed at old times.

The last supper if you will, hot pot! It was a wonderful thing to see how soul friends always connect again through the ages!

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