Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DC Sights with Baba

Since kent had never been to DC before, he took the kiddos to see the sights. The first day was their favorite, the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Isaac was in heaven in the gems sections, it was after all the ultimate rock collection.

Keila loved, Loved, LOVED seeing the butterfly garden. Apparently the experience freaked Isaac out a little. Keila has always loved living things, the more delicate and cute, the more she loves them. This was heaven!

The following day was more for Kent as took them to see the monuments.

Looking at the pictures, the teacher in me is dying to go back and tell them of the symbolism and circumstances of some of those quotes. I want them to understand not just the facts, but the feelings too. It's then that history literally comes alive! La sigh .... Another time!

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