Friday, March 21, 2014

Filling Hearts with Joy

Happy world Down syndrome day! I had all sorts of wonderful plans for today to celebrate Eli and all the others, like him, around the world we are blessed to know. But life has a way of throwing you for unexpected loops so we will just celebrate Eli's release from the hospital today (long version to come in the following days!) and write a small tribute.

All children are here to teach us. They teach us about ourselves, our strengths, weaknesses and even our possibilities. They teach us what really matters, particularly from an eternal perspective. But there are some children who teach us more eloquently and deeply than others. Elias is one of them and I am grateful for the privilege to know him and humbled by the opportunity to raise him.

While the last few days have been taxing and disappointing, I've been grateful for the many moments we've had to snuggle, giggle, read and interact exclusively. I've especially loved gazing on him in the late hours as he naps peacefully by my side. Given my rather emotional state right now, I cry easily when he reaches out in is dreamy state to hold my finger or the times he calms instantly when I gently hush him and rub his back. Simply put, I love him. I would never have thought nearly two years ago when he was placed in my arms along with the blessed surprise of an extra chromosome that things would be so. I was always terrified of raising a child with special needs and only see and feel fear rather than have faith the joy found in the simple little things - only because they were no longer simple.

I saw this video clip the other day and cried my eyes out. It spoke exactly what was in my heart. May it fill your heart with joy (and eyes with tears) just as it did mine! Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

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