Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Christmas morning, the magically mornings of memories! Isaac was up first, excitedly calling Keila to say that Santa had arrived. We followed slowly and had a bit of time to snuggle everyone for a some good morning loves. Eli was a hoot, he sensed the excitement and giggled his infectious laugh while he played peekaboo with the blanket. I think he refected joyous feeling we were all having that morning.
The excitement upped another level after we finished a 'decent' breakfast. Isaac was ready to jump out of his skin!
Eli was a little overstimulated with all the noise. Nothing that a little snuggling won't fix though.
Stockings came first. This year Santa was uber generous with giving Isaac Pokemon cards, sixty of them - Santa can't pass up a deal when they're usually fifty cents a piece. He has definately secured at least another year of belief from this skeptical boy of mine.
Everyone always gets a beanie baby from a old collection Kent had.
sweets for Mama and Baba.
Pokemon obsession taking control!
Keila was so excited to open her present, it was the largest one under the tree. She began tearing the wrapping breathlessly saying, "It's a ... it's a ...huh???" I suppose a food dehydrator wasn't exactly what a 5yr old wants! Afraid her excitement would quickly turn to tears, we reassured her that her gift was inside. She was pleased to find it was a jewelry tree with rings, braclets and necklaces to her heart's content.
We no longer need to worry about losing rock identification books from the library as Isaac has his own.
Keila's homemade gift to us.
Eli spent most of the time playing with Kent's shoes and took some coaxing to open his own presents. He enjoyed ripping the paper more than anything but once the excitement wore down, he loved each of his gifts.
Leora took a nap through most of it but once everyone else was entertained with their gifts she got to open hers and enjoy a little attention.
The rest of the day was spent in content play, a visit to the park as well as a short visit with friends. It was a day full of love.
How grateful we are for this joyous day of our Saviors birth, for family, home and friends. merry Christmas to you all!

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