Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A New Crazy!

It's officially been six weeks since baby girl was born. I must admit that with this fourth child I feel a bit like I've been thrown under the bus! Being a first-time mom was crazy because you question everything you do. The second child fell right into my routine nicely, and I felt more confident as a mother. The third child was a game changer with the diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Despite all the new therapies and doctor appointments, I still felt able to handle the rigors of motherhood. This fourth child has me questioning my sanity! Perhaps it's because I feel like my time is divided between putting out fires that the third child is always getting into and feeding the littlest one! Regardless I want to continue our family journal so I've resorted to attempting to blog while I nurse my little girl. So I hope you will forgive my absence and be patient with my rather disjointed thoughts. It is a very honest and true reflection of all that is going on right now - it's our new crazy!

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