Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December in a Flash

Random happenings for December.

One of our traditions is a gingerbread house. For this year we did gingerbread men. While the older two enjoyed the activity, Eli and I did therapies, otherwise known as playtime.
Magnets are the best toys! Eli giggles when he finally figures out which side will stick to the fridge. In the meantime I push them up higher so he has to work his back and shoulder muscles to pull them off.

Always a favorite of ours, that sharing down syndrome of Arizona and their Christmas party. This year we were able to hold one on the west side and it was exciting to see so many people attend. The place was packed and next year we will have to do it at a different location. Obviously Eli wasn't too keen on being on Santa's lap, but at least he didn't cry!
We also attended the ward Christmas party. This year all the children in the primary classes had a part in the nativity program. Even the nursery kids which included Elias sang a song before hand. I wasn't sure how Eli would do since he was pretty overstimulated by all the noise and candy, but I was surprised to see him standing up there without Kent and doing the hand actions to his song. We made costumes from items at home, Isaac was a shepherd and Keila was an angel. She was so excited to wear the hairpiece I had when I got married as her halo!
Someone also made snowballs for the kids. The older two had a blast, even Eli got into it eventually. A snowball fight, Arizona style!

Leora, Eli and I got to join in on Keila's preschool Christmas party. Keila was thrilled to have us there and to make the day perfect, her best friend Mona brought her a Christmas card and small gift. It touches me so to see my girl so happy.

We also spent some time handing out kisses and hugs (both chocolate and real ones) to some ward members. We were surprised to be given something back. This gingerbread house was a unexpected gift from Cookie Horne. I think we've just adopted another grandma!

This years homemade gift was caramel popcorn. Every year I try something new and this seemed like the cheapest option for making gifts for all of Kent's coworkers as well as our friends. I was rather proud of the results. Popcornopolis has me as competition!

From our time with the occupational students of midwestern, we learned a lot about what a swing can do for our kids. Kent installed one on the patio and it has been a huge hit for everyone. I love it when they snuggle up together in it.
Christmas eve was spent with Kent's side of the family. We had so much fun at Thanksgiving with all of them we had to see everyone and have the fun of Santa come and visit. Isaac and Keila had a blast with their cousins and Leora was introduced to a few of her aunts and uncles.
Good food, friends and family and plenty of fun make for great memories!

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