Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fond Farewell to a Bunny Girl

Almost 11 years ago we welcomed a beautiful furry friend into our home. I had about two miscarriages before this and that holiday season Kent had considered buying me a rabbit for a gift. We shopped for her together on his birthday and when I picked Sunshine up she immediately gave me what we fondly refer to as 'lickey kissies'. Kent was not so lucky and picked up one who peed on him in fright! It was a rather clear decision.

We named her Sunshine after the song I would fondly sing to her and for many years she was our first 'baby'. She would play tag with us in the backyard doing Mary Poppins leaps whe she was particularly happy, then settle quietly in my lap in the evenings while we watched a movie. It was always funny how she would silently hop up to a guest and starle them by nudging their feet. She loved bananas and cold cereal and was rather particular about certain spots in the home where she would nap. She was our little music critic and even my piano students would notice how she'd settle down next to their feet if they played a quieter soothing song well. We took her to see the nursery kids and she would put up with all the petting and curious poking. We loved her. Of all the kids she connected the most with keila even when she was young and most likely to be rough with her. keila often sought comfort from sunshine when things weren't going well with big brother. Here she is in her younger years.

We held a small memorial where we each talked about our favorite things about her. It was really nice and in the process the grief the kids we were feeling turned into gratitude for the small joys a loving pet can give. It's hard to believe it's been almost 11 years, we will miss our dear fuzzy friend.

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