Monday, October 10, 2016

Boy's Trip!

With kids getting in free in San Diego all of October, Kent and I planned a quick trip with some one on one time with the oldest two.  They're both such good kids and are mature enough to understand that many things can't be done as a family anymore until the Bubby deals better with unfamiliar, busy places and Pumpkin is old enough to not need naps.  This was perfect though, the guys left on a Tuesday afternoon and got back Friday morning.

The beach was first on Isaac's list!

A sushi meal with Dad is always awesome!  This boy has appetite now so it's a little frightening how much he can consume!

The first full day was a Balboa park and the Fleet Science Center.  The Lego Art display was captivating to him

Legoland was next and Kent was profoundly grateful for the little lego play areas while waiting for rides.

Some things never change!!!  He has always loved digging and Kent had a hard time dragging him away.

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