Thursday, October 27, 2016

October Fun

October is the month packed full of festivals and family activities.  With homeschooling we were able to have everyone join in on the fun.  The first was one hosted by the Desert Botanical Garden for special needs kids.

The first stop was the petting zoo.  Bubby has slowly become comfortable around other animals and the girls were in absolute heaven!  The baby chick was particularly fun as it snuggled into my warm hands, we just had to watch out that Pumpkin was extra gentle.

Doing these activities solo usually draws out my control issues for all four munchkins but everyone listened so well and was so helpful so it turned out to be awesome.

For the first time ever Bubby seemed to understand the concept of taking turns with other and trying out the games and activities.  Most of these festivals we attend are for the kids with special needs but I always felt like it was for my other kids until this day.  It warmed my heart, as tentative as he was with some unfamiliar activites that he tried them out.  He's coming out of his little shell, his quiet world  and it makes me so happy that he's truly THERE with us.

This little gal would hop out of the stroller to play her game and then hop right back in admiring her prize.  Such a helper!!

The next night we went to a Down Syndrome Network sponsored activity to meet Sean from 'Born This Way' the marshall of the parade.  It was so wonderful to meet a young man who is changing how people with DS are viewed.  He must have been tired with all the picture taking but he took the time to greet each one of us warmly, even showing off his latest phone to Kent.

The event was held at the I.D.E.A Museum in Mesa, focused on art and since the admission fee was waved for all those who fundraised for them we got to have some fun exploring.


The next day we opted to attend the Family Fun Fair hosted by the LDS Church for families with special needs.  The kids dressed up into their costumes so we could go eat, play more games and love on more animals.  Bud was Harry Potter, Bug was a 'ninja kitty', Pumpkin a butterfly and Bubby was our 'Cutie' Orange!

The first taste of cotton candy  in her life and she was in love!

It was 3 days straight of partying and fun from sun up to sun down.  We had worked hard for it, doing all our school work and chores so it was a well deserved break  but we all pretty much looked like this for the next two days! (Notice he's lying on the carpet, too tired to get into bed!)  Ah, the price of making memories!

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