Friday, October 21, 2016

Pumpkin is Two!!

 My bonus baby is not a baby anymore! Today is her birthday and I can't believe it's been two years!  We didn't know how much we needed her in our little family and we're so grateful she came and our lives would be missing so much!

Within those two years she has grown so much, she chatters constantly and if you listen carefully she's not just making sounds, she's  really trying to communicate and will screech at you if you don't listen! She's a little sponge and is counting past 20 as well as reciting her ABC's.  If you join in or interrupt her you're sure to get a scolding.

We were so blessed to have such a chill girl. She seems to understand that being the fourth and especially the one just under another with special needs takes a measure of patients. If  I have to chase our little escapee, she will patiently stand and wait for me or follow behind calling loudly for Bubby

She loves being with people and is already a social butterfly. If sister is playing with a friend she hops right in and can be heard screaming and laughing with all the big girls.  Going to nursery at church is one of her favorite things.  After having three kids that screamed when making the adjustment to the class I was so grateful to have one who would push my hand away as soon as she got to the door signaling it was time for me to leave so she could play with her friends.

Ms Kera gave us a darling means to do her hair, something we call 'panda ears!'

She loves to snuggle and everyone fights over being close to her at those times. Even Bubby who generally reserves his affection for Kent and I will hug her after nap time religiously.

For her birthday Kent took the day off to play and that day and all weekend we went to festivals and making memories as a family.  I made her 'ditty dat' cupcakes and shared them with her nursery leaders topped off with ice cream.

We had a blast!  She is such a monkey and keeps me on my toes but we need her desperately!  How we love you Pumpkin.

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