Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Girl's Trip!

Bug-love was over the moon at the prospect of time with only me.  I was thrilled at how much more relaxed I can be with only one child to play with!  We left early Friday and she was a helper all the way there.   I had picked out The Secret Garden for us to listen to on CD as we drove and she loved it so much it was hard to get her out of the car at times but once we got there her first choice was the beach.

Got the lovely sunset behind us while she got soaked chasing after sanddollars washed in by the tide.

First thing in the morning it was back to the beach.  All sorts of sea weed to play with!

Our first major outing  was to Sea World, someplace I had never been.  She LOVED all the animals, especially the ones she could pet.  We caught a few shows and rides but she couldn't get enough of petting the sting rays, sharks, horseshoe crabs.  We even got the chance to pet a dolphin!.

This was the little dolphin we got to pet and Keila fed an ice chip to.  Totally unexpected memorable moment!

Petting all the lovely animals!  The sting rays really were velvety and silky!

Got totally soaked on one of the rides!!  We got the meal plan there and half the fun for the girl was deciding on which dessert was next on her list.  They also had a special weekend trick or treat as you  walked through the park providing us with all the candy we would need on the ride home!

Her favorite pink fishies!

The following day we took it easy since our feet were aching for all the walking at Sea World.   Bug's big request was to pet some more animals so I opted to go to Cabrillo Monument to tide pool.  We did manage to find some sea anenomes that had her giggling as they tickled her fingers with their tiny stingers.

The tide was coming in so we couldn't stay long but she still wanted to pet those sea animals.  (Kent can tell stories of me being just the same way!) so I took her to the Birch Aquarium up in La Jolla where their makeshift tidepool allowered her to touch sea cucumbers, lobster and sea urchins in addition to the beloved sea anenomes.  She spent so much time there and gleaned so much from the volunteers that they said she should be make a honorary volunteer especially as she taught any children around her.

The trip ended with a sushi dinner as well.  (First we pet the fish and then we eat the fish!!!)  Such a happy girl!


  1. What a wonderful trip....can you take me on a girl trip. So much fun ;)

    1. Anytime girlfriend!!! You've just gotta get yourself back out west again!!

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