Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Over the last week as we've been in Arizona attending Dad's funeral, we've renewed many family bonds. It is sad to say that often death does something to one's perspective to remind us of the lasting and eternal things. Family has also become much broader as friends and ward members told us their love and experiences with dad. While it was a difficult trip, we are grateful for the opportunity it gave us to reconnect with family once again.

Isaac took his first steps on our trip. For the last month or so we've tried everything to get him to walk to us. Praise, food, etc. nothing worked. Along comes his cousin Trent, a cutie little tyke with boundless energy and a huge smile. All he had to say was, "Come here Isaac!" and my son stood up, took one glance at his feet and with a huge grin, proceeded to walk 3 steps to Trent. Since then we've tried bribing Isaac, but to no avail, this child walks when HE wants to walk!

One cool kid with his cousin Jenna and their dog Zoie. The poor dog was terroized by my son.

Isaac with his cousin Taryn who is just 2 months younger than him. They played so well together - following and mimicking each other. It was sweet to see.

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