Saturday, August 16, 2008


So we've been teaching Isaac both English, Chinese (specifically Cantonese) and some sign language. It's done in the hopes to help him feel empowered to communicate his needs and wants. He's picked up the Chinese well, it seems to be easier than the English and even made some of his own 'words' for items, such as cheese. If you put your teeth together and suck in, this sound is 'cheese' - don't ask me where he got it. As for his sign language, he does well and understands that it's the quickest way to get what he wants. The other day we went grocery shopping. His little hands are quick, the next Oliver Twist, and he'd grabbed a cup of jello that was on sale, 4 for a $1. At first I told him no and tried to take it away but he vigorously signed please. With those large brown eyes, I couldn't resist, besides, he'd never really eaten very much jello before and I thought it'd be fun to try.

Later we were in the check out line. I was busy paying and didn't noticed he'd grabbed a snack pack of mini Nutter Butters and was happily shaking it and smiling at the man next in line. Again I said no, but being the bright boy he is, he anticipate it and was signing please before you could blink your eye. If it worked before, why not this time? I was firm and we put them back, but the man in line laughed so hard and said, "That's a little man who knows what he wants!"

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