Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Playground Fun and all that Jazz!

We've decided that it will be our Sunday ritual to go to Hermann park, weather permitting. We finally made it to the far side of the park where Isaac played happily on the playgrounds. Thankfully he's really starting to walk on his own, so the park doesn't sap our energy as bad as it use to.

Afterwards we wandered over to the Miller Outdoor Theater where a Jazz concert was being held. Isaac has a definite love of music, he was dancing and wiggling long before he's been walking. We sat and listened for almost 45 minutes while he happily munched on his animal crackers, wiggled his butt and clapped his hands to the livelier tunes. He was almost more entertaining than the concert!


  1. Little H started to walk last week and now, he doesn't claw any longer. I cannot wait to bring him to a park too. It is fun to read your little man's progress.

  2. I'm glad to know that he's walking, it took forever for Isaac. In part it was because we were never around any other small children. When he sees them walking, that's when he wants to walk!