Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Foreshadowing of Things to Come

As with everyone, the things forbidden us are always the most appealing. For the longest time we've told Isaac 'no' when it comes to electronics. The cellphone is one of the worst. When I found an old one I had back 6 years ago, we relented and let him play with it. It is one of his favorite toys. He'll grab it and hold it to his ear and make,"hmmm, Hmmm, HMMM!" noises. Is this what I might see in a few years when he's a teenager?

A future 'text er'!


  1. Wow he has almost all teeth!!! I am not sure why kids loves cell phones. Little H loves it but I do not think he knows what it is. Cute pictures.

  2. Especially here in Houston. I can't believe how many people walk around texting all the time. Even a cashier at the store texted while I was paying!!

  3. That's funny! We gave old cordless phones (pre-cell phone generation)and old remote controls to our kids when they were little-they loved them!