Saturday, January 17, 2009


I miss the parks we had in Houston, they were so toddler friendly and gave countless outlets for a very active little boy. It's been a struggle here to find activities that are best suited for Isaac and I've been a little sad as he's become more introverted. He shyly watches the older kids from the sidelines, tries climbing on equipment much too large for him and gets frustrated easily. I've also been worried because as the summer hits, there won't be the cool temperatures to go outside and run around, so when I hit upon Gymboree the other day, it was a blessing. They have a one time 'lifetime' membership fee of $35 that they're waving right now. That gives us two 2hr sessions a week on a toddler friendly indoor play gym. Additional classes are optional. We went this morning for our free session today and I was thrilled to see the active, happy little boy come back. He ran, climbed, jumped and swung on everything in hand's reach. The best part was he was laughing loudly for everyone to hear. You just can't resist a smile like his!

I love the little belly!

Going in is always soooo much easier ....

....than getting out!


  1. We did the free Gymboree class back in November and loved it (I did it with my little 18 month old Becca while Emma was at preschool) - I am still considering signing up for monthly classes, but haven't yet - they have some really fun play equipment over there!

  2. I am thinking to look in to it too. I heard they are fun. I should check it out.