Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Need Love!!!!!

Happy New Year to one and all!! Kent and I had a wonderful time wth the Bakers, Johnsons and Fannins last night as we rung in the new year. Originally Isaac was to sleep in his playpen in the Baker's bedroom, but he simply refused to miss in the fun and excitement. ('simply refused' is an understatement, the kid screamed his guts out!) He did surprisingly well, playing with toys on his own, snuggling with Mama and eating snacks. He even slept in for us this morning! Thank heavens, the morning sickness worsens the more tired I get.

We played at the Bakers' again today and all acted like big kids!

Isaac's first experience on a trampoline.

I swear the Bakers ALWAYS feed us. We need to set up a 'Feeding-the-Montierth's-Budget' for them!

I loved this captured smile of Emily's mid-action.

All the Baker kids, kindly obliging Isaac by crawling on their knees with him.

We had alot of fun but I guess somehow in all the playing, Isaac got jealous of the time Josh spent with his Papa. Isaac is really socially aware and I've watched as he longs to play with the older kids, but knows when he's not welcomed. It's not the case with the Baker kids, but he recognizes when he's not as able to play because he hasn't learned the skills or doesn't understand the game. He gets insecure and tries to cover it with an exaggerated laugh but inside I'm sure he hurts. I think he felt a great deal of that today when Kent played on the trampoline with Josh. Isaac couldn't jump with them and felt left out. It showed after his nap today when he'd fuss and misbehave in ways that were not typical.

It hit a climax at dinnertime where he refused to eat. This kid never refuses to eat, his appetite is comparable to mine - at least when I'm not pregnant! After some good cuddle time and a long talk with his Papa, he settled down into his sweet usual self for the remainder of the evening.

It got me thinking alot. I guess it made me realize the importance of a child feeling and coming to know that the love of a parent won't ever change. There was a peace that settled in him after his one-on-one time with Papa that made everything else alot easier to deal with. In reality, we just all want to be loved. We've been trying hard to help him recognize and communicate that need as he's gotten older in the hope that it will help him understand his own feelings. I can see within myself that the time I'm upset are simply the times that I'm needing to be reassured taht I'm loved and that I matter.

From a bigger picture, I can also see that parents influence a child's view of God profoundly. How can an individual believe that an all-powerful and perfect being loves them when they can't see them and when they can't feel secure in the love of a parent they see daily.

I'm sure this isn't news to most of you, but it was a good reminder to me. It has me a little worried for when the next little one comes and I work through that sibling jealousy. Any tips on how to prepare Isaac would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. It looks like Issac had fun on the can have ours when we leave, all it needs is a new mat!