Monday, December 29, 2008

Bye-bye Christmas

We had our Family Home Evening tonight and Isaac said a forlorn goodbye to all our Christmas tree ornaments and decorations. It was such a sad goodbye and it was hard to convey to him that in a year it would all be back ... after all, when do you see snowmen in Arizona? Afterwards we had a small lesson where Kent and I showed him different pictures of Jesus and explained that while the season for celebrating his birth was over, Christ would be with us all year long. Isaac was more attentive than I have ever seen him before. While Kent and I are not sure exactly how much he understands, it was a sweet thing for us to tell him of how much more the Savior is in our lives than a once a year event. May the feeling of the season stay with us all year!

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  1. Kids grow so much in a few days. I am sure that your son felt the spirit and he understood more than we can imagine. I see in Little H. He is more interested what we teach about gospel than ever. It is a great testimony to me that they are from Heavenly Father.