Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Little Hands Cooking

It's been a struggle lately with Isaac. I've been told by an experienced friend that it isn't the terrible 2s, but rather the terrible halves! (1.5, 2.5...etc) Her experience has been that it is then that they seem to try and 'stretch' their limits and skills. So the once pliable sweetheart becomes a resistant, rebellious brat. Isaac is keenly aware when the limits are pushed a little too far and he tries his cute, adorable tactics to soften us. It worked until just yesterday when we (meaning the otherwise 'in-control' parents) finally figured it out. Thus when a tantrum ensued with regards to sitting in the car seat, his privilege of going to the park was abandoned. (Many other tears followed!)

But I still wanted to spend some 'special' time together. I try to have at least something fun to do with him everyday, even if it's short or small. So I looked at what I had to make for dinner tonight to see if he could help out. It was a new experience and I think he had fun.

"I've pounded those cracker crumbs good and dead!"

"I'm not so sure about this green stuff."

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