Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Sweet Life!

I don't think life could get much better than it is right now. For all those who still suffer from the medical student life perspective ... yes, there is an end! It's AMAZING how much time we have now together as a family and that we even have the energy to do things and enjoy one anothers company. Gone are the 12+ work hour days, the blurred memories of doing 'something' together in 'somewhere' or the exhaustive nights of sleep that had you waking and wondering if 6 hours had passed in a blink of an eye. In addition, we have a nice salary! (thus I no longer fret at doing laundry only at the off peak hours of 11pm)

In celebration, Kent and I bought the much needed family camera for our Christmas this year. Here are some of the results. For those who are curious, Kent finally decided on the Cannon Rebel.

I know the lighting is poor, but we're trying to figure out what this camera is capable of. Kent purchase also comes with photography classes.

Having fun at the park. Isaac was enjoying the sound quality that a rock hitting a metal pole makes.


  1. Cute picture. I love to see you and your son reading togather. What a precius. It is awsome.

  2. Welcome to the dslr world! just remember that pictures get better as you move away from the fully auto button. Enjoy and take lots and lots of pictures, after all..there's a delete button.

  3. Thanks for the tunnel comment. Not med school for us, but grad school, but I'm sure there's some overlap in comparison. Sometimes I wonder if the "if we can just wait until it's over..." mentality is a delusion. I've started thinking it's legitimately not... and you're there now, saying it's not... yea! We've got a year, which is exciting.

    Way to go on the new camera! Did you get it at Wolf/Ritz? I know they offer classes to purchasers. Enjoy it! Merry Christmas, Flo!