Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Hazards of Buttons

Isaac's a boy through and through, he loves to take things apart, put things together, make car noises (especially 'beep,beep') and push buttons. He calls them "Boot-ta, boot-ta" and usually makes a jabbing motion in the air. Somehow we've managed to keep the remote controls and computer stuff away, but with everything else, we've just let it go. Some battles are just not worth it. Consequently Isaac always makes fun discoveries of what happens when you push a 'Boot-ta' that you've never touched before. The car horn for instance scared the hebbies out of him as did the T.V. His latest discovery occur ed at the Johnson's home where we had a wonderful lunch with them. There were there two rather large buttons on the refrigerator that he's never seen before. Unfortunately, the one he chose gave him a long cold squirt of water directly on his face. Kent and I about died laughing at his stunned expression. Apparently this boot-ta kicks back!

Here's his pictures with Santa at the ward party.

Oh, it looks like she's the one with the candy!

Okay Papa, got the goods, lets go!

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  1. Kent and Flo glad to see that your move was successful and were glad your back home in Arizona some time we should go out to dinner