Friday, December 5, 2008

We're ALIVE!!!

AS of 41 minutes ago, we are finally back online. SERIOUS withdrawal symptoms!!! Did you know no one has a phone book anymore? Why bother when there's internet ... I forget how dependant I am on it!

Anyhoo, we're back in Az and it feels like we took a 1.5 year trip away, but this is home. As difficult as it was initially for me to to adjust to the idea, I know it the best hings for all of us. The Lord certainly had a hand in it in so many ways. We were able to pack and get everything done in a week (which is crazy by my standard), say goodbye to most of our Houston friends, enjoy Thanksgiving with Az friends, get lots of rest before our truck arrived with all our stuff, and unpack (I mean, TOTALLY unpack, not a single box left) in 5 days, buy a truck (we need another vehicle for Kent to drive to work) at an affordable price and get up our Christmas decorations!!!

Before I forget, some quick HUGE thank you's and goodbyes. To Dane, Emily, Eden and Zia, we are immensely grateful for your friendship and help the last few days in Houston. Who would have thought we'd meet in ABQ, both move to Houston and continue our friendship there. Babysitting Isaac so we could go to the temple, sharing in our 'chinese' adventures, introducing 'the best' storytime and giving an great last dinner (I need the recipe!!!! I bought lots of Butternut Squash!!) Eden, you are Isaac's very first friend from the day you sat next to him in sacrament and shared your popcorn. That's why I'm sure he'll miss you so much since he won't have anyone to hold his hand or hug for a while. You are a great first friend. Emily, you have no idea how much of an inspiration you are to me as I watch you teach your girls. You have a way of disciplining them in loving, firm way and helping them to know and respect thier own boundaries as well as others. Without trying, you are an example of motherhood to me and the means of some inspiration from the Lord. We thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts.

To Lynette and Craig, we LOVED having you guys for our neighbors! You helped us move items on numerous ocassions (between post-Ike and moving itself!) provided games for young and old (Kent had forgotten how fun video games can be, Isaac loved Music Makers), your dinners were great and you were the first ones to say hello and make us feel welcome in the ward. Please keep in touch.

To Emily, Jared, Noah and Braeden. Thanks for the prayers (they helped alot!), planned activities at the complex (I know they were lots of work) and for the friendship. I just enjoyed having the chance to talk to an adult on our playdate. I'm sorry we were unable to see you before we left... I wanted one last glimpse of tiny Braeden! Best wishes and luck to you guys, your a great family. Keep in touch.

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  1. Oh, Flo, of course I'd been checking your blog, but you were offline, not updating, and I checked in today to say "hey, let's have a play date at my place sometime this week!"... and you've flown the coop! I'm so sad we missed you, and I'm sad I don't get that play date I was hoping for. But I'm thrilled that you moved! It all seems like it happened so fast, which may just represent how appropriate it was. I'd love to keep in touch. It sounds like this will be a very special (and a bit bittersweet) Christmas for you guys.