Saturday, December 6, 2008

Keeping Family Close

One of the huge blessings of being back in AZ is the opportunity to visit Mom. She now lives in a care home out in Mesa and we took the opportunity of visiting her. She's doing poorly since Dad passed, he took good care of her which is saying a lot. The job is exhausting, thankless and painful in ways unmentionable. We feel we may lose her soon. In many ways, Kent will lose her twice, once to Alzheimers and the other, in this life. We want to spend time with her in whatever way we can.

We also feel the loss of Dad in this season. He re-did Kent's old bedroom after we married just so we could stay with him on the off weekend we had errands in Mesa. He loved the time we spent with him and although it was simple, it is what memories are made of.

We have a yearly tradition of buying an ornament per person each season. Our tree is rather sparse for it, (we use to decorate only one side and shove the other side up against the wall ;0) but it's become rather meaningful as we select something that reminds us of the year. We had to get one this year to remember Dad and keep him with us this holiday season and the ones that follow.


  1. Hi Flo! Back to AZ!! WAHOO! Needless to say, I'm a wee bit jealous! The temple lights looks so pretty- how fun. I'm so sad Aunt Carol is in such bad shape. I'm sure that has been so hard on the whole family. That's great you get to be closer to her for now. Good luck getting settled into your new home and neighborhood and ward and all that good stuff! Merry Christmas too!

  2. good to know you guys are doing well. It is great that you guys are closer to family. After all, family is one of the most impoart thing in our life... Nurserly is a great place for sure. I cannot wait our little H will be 18 months which is in 2 months. Yes. He is more than ready to be in there. hahaha. keep it up with your update.