Sunday, January 11, 2009

How Many Kisses

Isaac's latest fascination is with kissing ... he never knew how many kinds of kissing there can be! No no, don't worry, this is very much a "G" rated post! Before he naps now he needs 4 kinds of kisses, a Binky kiss, a regular kiss, an Eskimo kiss (consists of nuzzling noses) and his personal favorite, a butterfly kiss (fluttering eyelashes next to his cheek). Afterwards, he's sure to gently run his finger along your eyelashes and smile sweetly. He's such a darling sometimes!

I've been trying to work with the 'second wife' a little more. Kent's set on not using any pre-set items, I'm not so keen, I have have too much to do with just a little boy. So I'm working with what Kent calls the 'automatic' or 'semi-automatic'. You didn't know that picture taking could be so violent! ;0) Here's what I managed on a semi-automatic. Unfortunately I didn't realize that Kent had the color balanced changed from before, that's why everything looks a little blue. Just a few pictures at playgroup in the park.


  1. Kisses!!! Kids certainly like them, huh? Little H usually tries to runn away from me when I hug him, so I am jerouse of you!! hahaha.

  2. I just read in a prior post that you're expecting! CONGRATS!! :) :) :) My boys are about 26 months apart and it was just the right age gap. I'm so happy for y'all and pray all will be well through the nine months and beyond. Best wishes with the morning sickness-- ick, I despise it!