Thursday, January 29, 2009

Folding, and Refolding ... and yet again Refolding

Isaac is your typical oldest child, he loves to please and help you any way possible. Yesterday I was folding and putting away laundry. Usually Isaac doesn't pay much attention to me so I fold and go about my own thing. While hanging clothes in the closet I heard a little, "hmm,huh" behind me. Isaac had grabbed a handful of the folded clothes and was handing them to me to hang up. I smiled and took them, thanking him for being so helpful. Little did I know that this would encourage him more. As I work on refolding those clothes, he comes in with an armful and drops them at my feet. Now I have to re-sort and refold.

As a preemptive strike, I grab his hand and say, "Thank you, but can you help Mama fold these instead?". He watches for a second and apparently thinks 'Mom's got this!' and goes out to the remainder of the folded clothes to 'refold' them for Mama. Ahhhh.... What can you do except smile!

Here's a couple of pictures from the Children's Museum when we went with friends:

Adults should have fun too!

I think I may die the day my son is truly 'motorized'!

Shannon and Mackenzie Baker ... they've begun to think of Isaac as their 'number 5'! ;0)

This kid moves too fast to get a front view! Ahhhh...

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  1. Hey Flo! what a great children's museum- you are always doing such fun things with that little Isaac! Well Congrats to you too!! that is so exciting and you're right- we are only 4 weeks apart or so! good timing hah? I hope you are feeling well and taking care of yourself- that is one lucky little baby! Yeah!