Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just so Romantic!

Kent and I went yesterday to the Mesa temple and did sealings. It's always nice to kneel across from each other and to remember the vows and covanents that we made when we were married. You remember fondly the day you gazed lovingly into one another's eyes and vowed before God and man to be faithful to the promises that would enable you to have a marriage for time and all eternity. I found myself doing that once again yesterday ... except I was lying prone on the temple carpet with my feet propped in the air while Kent gazed with great concern and love into my eyes! Not exactly what I had in mind for reliving the memory of my wedding day. I chuckled to think of how Anne of Green Gables always thought fainting would so romantic. It was romantic enough that I did throw up after passing out or that I didn't crash land on the floor, so I'll just count my blessings that way! ;0)

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