Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Papa's Boy

For those who follow our blog, you know we've been having some sleep issues with Isaac. He just won't stay in his big boy bed. We've tried everything we could think of, including a quick swat on the butt. The end result was that Kent and I felt awful and Isaac thought it was a new game and laughed. When he finally understood that it wasn't, he'd still get out, but sulk the entire afternoon. At the advice of friend who watch 'The Nanny', we just kept placing him back in bed without further response. It works ... to a point. He no longer refuses to sleep in his bed, or gets up to play with toys, but each morning before either of us gets up, he's lying on the floor by our door. The best we can figure is that it's his way of stopping Kent from going to work since if he misses Kent before work and I find him on the floor, he gives a very plaintive, "Baba!" and proceeds to throw a minor tantrum. He's become so attached to Kent since the residency has ended. It's clear to see he's a Papa's boy!

Since Kent often leaves before 6am, it's inevitable that Isaac falls asleep outside my door waiting for me to get up. He was so exhausted this morning that he slept until 8am.


  1. This is really sweet, Flo. Last night, Jared came home to help bathe the kids (I cut my finger, and needed the help), and then returned to the lab until late. This morning he went in before Noah got up. So when Noah woke up, he thought Papa had been "at work" all night, and asked if he'd be coming home soon! :( It was sad, but it also made me so glad I'm a full-time mom. I hope things settle for Little Issac.

  2. I think it is good to know dad that thier kids love them. Little H is a dada's boy too. He loves to play and being around with dada. Well, in fact, he listens dad more than I am!!!! I hope Issac will be settle soon.