Monday, February 2, 2009

Needing Advice

When we moved back to AZ, Isaac moved into a 'big-boy bed' and we got him a Thomas the Engine sheets and everything to celebrate. He did great initially, he understood he was not to get out until we got him up and he slept his usual pattern.

When New Years Eve rolled around, he didn't sleep in part due to the noise of the adults downstairs besides the fact he was screaming so loud we were afraid he'd never let the other kids sleep. So we just gave up and brought him down for the party. We've wondered if it's the sudden realization that Mama and Papa are awake much longer than me that has him no longer sleeping in his bed. Ever since the New Year, Isaac gets out of bed every time and either plays with his toys or comes out to find us. We finally placed him back into his playpen but have been frustrated that he won't sleep in his bed. We just can't figure out what to do. He had an entire month where he did just fine and now he doesn't even want to nap. Any suggestions?


  1. I don't have any advice for that one, but Kyle's birthday went well. The park is definitely the least stressful way to give a party. My grandpa said that he saw you and Kent in the temple. He said it was Chad, but I figured out it was you guys after reading your blog. I'd be happy to watch Isaac for you another time when you'd like to go.

  2. Hmmm... I'm not an expert with this, but I'll give you my thoughts - we have Becca in a big bed, but we only use it at night time... for naps we continue to have her sleep in a playpen (in our master closet)... it's darker and quieter, and honestly, I don't want the stress of having to deal with getting her to nap and stay napping in her big bed (especially with all the toys around for her to get up and play with). Eventually we'll have to have her nap in her bed, but right now, this keeps me from going crazy. :) At nighttime, she always uses her bed.. sometimes she'll go through a phase (of a few days here or there) where she'll get out of her bed soon after putting her down. We just refuse to go get her even if she is crying and pounding on the door. Eventually she goes back to bed and falls asleep. After a couple nights of this, she'll give up on trying to get out of her room and will stay in her bed. You could even keep the toys in bins and put them up in the closet when it's time for bed, or somewhere out of the way where he won't get distracted by playing. These are my ideas, but just because it works for Becca, doesn't mean it will work for every kid. Good luck! :)

  3. you are brave for putting isaac in a big boy bed so early. elias is 2.5 and will stay in his crib until he's in high school. i kid you not.