Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Girly Girl!

Having never been a girly girl, a salesperson was rather frustrated at me the other day. He was trying to sell a spa package that had the 'works' and I was doing my best to discourage him without being rude. He tried every tactic ... "a mom always needs some good pamper time" ... or "you'll feel so good afterwards" (was this a commentary on how I was feeling that day?.... "you'll find the real woman in you" (I think being nauseously pregnant is enough of a reminder of my womanhood) or last but not least "today is the day to try something new. You'll never know if you like it if you don't!" I finally ended the conversation by having the young man take a good look at me (it was not one of my better days) and then explaining that spending $1 on nail polish that I rarely use is an utter waste of my time AND my money. I told him I was nearly 34 and if I hadn't changed my mind yet, I wasn't about to do so anytime soon, thank you for your time but I have a starving boy to feed.

That being said and done, I laughingly told Kent about it and wondered for a brief moment if I would like it. Lo and behold, my man heard me and got me a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure (on sale of course, otherwise I'd just feel guilty) I use it today ... and yes, much to my amazement, it was kinda fun! No, I'm not sold, I'm pretty sure I don't want to ever do a manicure again (I've already chipped all the clear coat off), but the pedicure was great. I sat in a massage chair, my feet were scrubbed, massaged and lotion. I picked out a pretty plum color and was pleased with the results.

For those who wonder at my anal retentiveness in spending money, it stems from the 3 questions I was drilled on as a child while learning to budget. They are as follows: (please read with a light Chinese accent in mind) 1. Do you NEED it. 2. Do you need it NOW. 3. What is the purpose of life? In light of all those questions, one never really needs to spend money on anything but food, shelter and education. (VERY Chinese of me!) Having Kent in pharmacy school only reinforced this for me. So Kent is striving to lighten me up a little now that we are more comfortable ... I will die of laughter if in a couple of years I become the woman with monthly salon visits. The beauty of irony!

Check out my pretty plum toes!


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  2. I got my first pedicure with my sister a few months ago. I didn't know they scrubbed and massaged! THAT was awesome. And you know what? I actually loved my pretty toes-- and the paint job lasted for weeks! Sometimes it is fun to feel girly. ;)

    Yours look fabulous! Love plum. :)

  3. Pretty color! "The woman in you" comment is SO annoying! That may have blown my temper (I used to be such a clam, and actually try to be more transparent now. It's a balance, though). Sounds like you handled the boy well. I don't get pedicures often, but I'll go for one a few times a year. Husband thinks it's sexy, so I feel like it's a present to both him and me! Oh! -- and my midwife told me to get pedicures to help dissuade ankle swelling. Gotta love that.

  4. Hey, girl friend. We all need some slucks to go SPA. hahaha. I love them. I mean I do not get nail done. I get a massage!!!!!! The other day, I tried the first time to get a facial... Well, not sure I will do that again. But you know somtime we need to enjoy our life and money. hehehe

  5. I'm with you- I definitely prefer pedicures over manicures- money well spent- good for you! No doubt being careful with your $$ was very beneficial through school and now you are enjoying the benefits! I'm glad things are going well with your pregnancy...and you're thinking boy hah? My ultrasound is scheduled for next friday and I'm hoping it's a girl- I know you can't go wrong either way though so we'll see!