Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Growing Strong

I went for my second doctor visit yesterday and got another ultrasound. It's amazing that in 4 weeks he (Kent and I are pretty sure it's a boy... maybe we'll be surprised!) has grown from 2cm to 6cm! He's tripled in length and all this while I'm only able to eat eggs, fruit and veggies. Every other source of protein looks, smells and sounds absolutely foul! We will all be glad when this nausea passes.

Speaking of growth I've been amazed at Isaac's development. The other morning I went in to wake Isaac up. It was one of those nights when he felt like 5 am was a good wake up time. Consequently he was still dead asleep when 7am rolled around. I had placed him in his playpen to ensure we'd all get our much needed sleep and looking down on him I realized how much bigger he was then when we first moved to Albuquerque and he was only 3 weeks old sleeping in that same playpen. He fills the entire length of it now and back then he had barely began to fill it's width. Sometimes I miss those cuddly times, but I love that he has grown so much in this last year and half. He can get his own shoes, put away his PJ's, clean up toys, play games, help cook in the kitchen and lately he's alot about talking. It's a different way of connecting with him, one that has more potential for growth and depth. He's such a little man!

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