Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Perfect Day!

You know how there are days where everything just falls into place and most of all, you're really there to savor the moments? That was today.

We started off by going to the Children's Museum where there was a special appearance by Elmo and Grover. The place was packed! Isaac occupied himself playing 'house' for a good hour while Kent and I talked and took a breather. While I'm at the end of the first trimester, it's been the last few days that I've felt especially tired, grouchy and unfocused. It 'grounded' me to watch Isaac play and just enjoy the company of my husband.

The lines for taking a picture with Elmo and Grover were horrendous, so we just watched form the sidelines. I think that was enough for Isaac, his eyes lite up like the first stars of night when he saw Elmo walk out of the elevator to greet the crowd.

I kid you not, watching those kids seeing Elmo was reminiscent of teen idols throwing themselves at their favorite rock star! There screaming and crying (...what the fuzzy red thing I see on TV every morning is real and he's 20X my size!...) Little bodies hurtling themselves at the poor man in the suffocating costume. (Don't tell my son I said that, it would crush him to think his hero in red was no more heroic than his babysitter) All he had was one feeble museum worker to fend off the crowds which unfortunately included parents shoving their children in front of his face. No wonder they took breaks every half hour!

It was enough that Elmo waved and said hello for Isaac. He was thrilled beyond measure. When Grover came, it was the cherry on the top of the ice cream. The picture below was one Kent captured at the perfect moment. It was well worth braving the crowds just to see my son smile.

Across the street from the Museum was a Matsuri festival where we cooled off from the crowds and enjoyed 'all things Japanese'. The food was particularly tempting, but I'm glad we held off. On the way home we took a detour and had dim sum at our favorite restaurant. A nap was required for all after that!

Later in the afternoon we went to our house to finish trimming our trees. Isaac was so well occupied between a new playmate in Lauren to all the rocks and lemons he could gather that Kent and I quickly finished the work. I have to say I can't wait for the day that we're back in and I can just send Isaac out to entertain himself in he yard for an hour or two.


  1. What a fun day!!!! You look great in a picture too.

  2. We went! It was insane. I asked myself if it was worth the 1 hour wait just to get inside since they were already filled to capacity. Yes, it was worth it. My kids didn't care about the crowds. They had a great time. I would definitely do it again; and I am NOT a crowd person.