Friday, February 6, 2009

Lion King

I've always heard horror stories of projectile vomit and have been blessed thus far to be spared of it except once in the first few weeks Isaac was born. Today I experienced it 3 times, two of which I was the direct target. Needless to say, when we left this evening to see the Lion King I was thrilled to not smell vomit in my hair and clothes . Though I must admit it felt a little foreign not to have a small boy clinging to my neck for comfort.

As for Lion King ... it was wonderful!!! The costumes were astounding and the movement and dance was so well studied that you could hardly see the dancer, and it was as if the animal came alive before your eyes. It was a little surreal to be there, after all these years of school it seems such a luxury to have money to enjoy some of the things we've always wanted to do!

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