Sunday, February 22, 2009

Disney World

A cry of help to all Disney lovers .... Kent has a conference in Florida the end of March and since it'll be the last major vacation before another child comes, we're trying to make the most of it. His work will pay the hotel and his food and travel ... which leaves Isaac and I. We already got this amazing deal where we pay 4 days of hotel and base rate for Disney World tickets, and we get 3 days free - so we'll have a 7 day pass into Disney World, but only 3 of those days will be spent with Kent and only 5 evenings will be available as a family. Everyone says to plan when you go ... but I don't know where to begin!!! It's an entire WORLD! There's far too much to see and I'm insistent that we stick to napping as usual or Mama will be bonkers by the end of the trip. For all those who have gone before ... tell me what is a must for a 21 month old child to see and do that I need to save for the days Kent has off. They say it's a Small World ... but it sure as heck looks too huge for just 7 days!


  1. choose rides that are popular during the weekdays like Mon-Thursday because there are long lines. If there are fast passes take advantage of them. Bring sack lunch with a cool pack since food in there are super expensive use plastic for drinks. load everything in the bottom stroller compartment. Bring a stroller that will recline since he can take naps in them while you stroll. Believe me he will dose off when you are walking around. Its great time to go on rides for adults only and take turns. bring sunblock and extra change of clothes for wet time in some of their rides. Have fun!

  2. Flo, that's awesome! Have a fabulous time. Make some use of that spiffy camera, too.

  3. napping as usual is a really wonderful idea. i'm actually partial to sea world, but that's me.

    since you have the passes... i think this is actually a great time of year to go. it won't be as crowded as spring break, winter or summer vacation peak times. the weather in florida is TOPS right now. i'm not sure about parks, though. mgm is a little old for isaac. epcot is really fun in a touristy kind of way. it's not "authentic," but it's a fun trip around the world. also more of an adult park. the animal kingdom is a lot of fake animals... i think the main park is your best bet. i think that's where they have the small world ride and a large kiddie play section. i'm sure each park has a kiddie section, actually, but i'm guessing it's more extensive there. too bad we aren't in florida to meet up with you!