Sunday, January 18, 2009

Intangible Treasures

Last night Kent and I had the opportunity to go to a 'high-flyin' restaurant for the company holiday/farewell party. It's called Mastro's, apparently one of 3 found in the USA, Beverly Hills being one of the other locations. I was dying to know the cost of our meal since everything was ala carte, but apparently rich people don't worry about these things because it was never shown on the menu.

It was a rather fascinating and 'exotic' experience for me. I'm your classical cheap Asian ... the one that looks at the list of prices first and then chooses the dinner based on what falls into my range. I have difficulty fathoming why anyone would spend a week's budget on a single meal. But there we were, among those who were use to such lifestyle.

Yes pharmacy earns well and for those who are single, it seems to afford an endless list of fun in travel, eating and clothing. I had such difficulty relating to the women there who were my age that spent time shopping for the highest in fashion and shoes, let alone the best places for brunch. It was like watching the Hollywood lifestyle on 'reality TV'!

For a very brief moment I wondered if I were in their position how different life would be. But the memory of a chubby hand reaching around my neck to pull me close for a butterfly kiss made all the thoughts of fancy food, clothes, and trips pale in comparison. While I may never be able to explain to them the joy found in mothering a sticky, noisy little boy to those women, I know that feeling to be more tangible and worthwhile than all the careless freedoms of the world.

Here's my dear heart playing with curlers!

Of course his stuff animals must mimic Mama too!


  1. Isaac looks so old in that photo! You are such a good mom, such a good person. Yay for yummy food, but a bigger yay for family!! :)

  2. Isn't it the truth - family is what makes life worthwhile. I like to think if ladies like that had a taste of what happiness really is, they would give up all their designer clothes in an instant.

  3. Hint hint: its time for a baby sister!!