Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thoughts on Family

Against my better judgment I'm writing a few posts. I had good sleep last night (as good as it gets with a 7 week old) and I'm dying for some quiet time to write out my thoughts. I might regret it later! ;0)

If I ever thought I was busy before with just one child, I am doubly busy now! It's true, you become more efficient and organized with each one and you let the things slide that are not as important. Unfortunately sometimes you don't know it's important till it's gone. It's particularly true with children as they grow so quickly. I'd been meaning to get around to doing some pictures of Keila. Particularly a picture of when she does that perfect newborn Cheerio lip look. It's so darling ... but as usual it pushed it aside for other things and suddenly my chance is gone. She doesn't do it anymore, and while it's great that's she's smiling, I'm sad I missed capturing that other look. Who'd have thought that 6 weeks could pass so quickly?

Just the other day Kent was asking if I remembered what it was like without Keila. We've all adjusted and we couldn't imagine being without her. Isaac's adjustment has been the roughest but despite that, you know he loves her. There's something about a family- the one we came from and the ones we create - that God uses to teach us how to love, sacrafice and find true joy. I see it when Keila coos at Isaac and he stops to smile and talk to her, how he thinks of 'sharing' peaches (a personal favorite) with her and how he's learning to be patient when we are busy with her needs. As Keila grows older, she will learn this things as well. Sometimes it's hard, but it's a gift in the end because everything is richer in life when it's shared.

Isaac in one of his more tender moments with Keila. I've also learned not to underestimate how much children understand. The times Isaac 'battles' his moments of jealousy, he tells me he is sad. We sit down and talk about it, how he's sad that we don't go out to play as much or that Mama is busier. We talk about the changes and we talk about the things that will never change, such as how we love each other 'always and forever'. In the end he is happier and accepting. Sometimes his understanding amazes me, particularly at the times I need it the most. Isaac's noticed how hard it is for me to get up in the mornings at times and has taken to quietly playing in the room next to the bed. Sometimes I have to laugh at his ingenuity in finding QUIET things to play with. Below is such an example. He found his stickers and proceeded to tatoo his arms and legs. When he ran out of space he climb up into bed with me and decorated my face! I pretty much slept through the first half of it. ;o)

We've been so amazed at the spirit within Isaac it makes me wonder at Keila. The moments I have a little more time I can't help but gaze at that darling little girl and wonder at the woman she might be someday. I love hearing her 'talk'. Her smiles have a way to lighting you right up inside and I love most of all how when she's tired she lays her head on your shoulder and gives a sigh of contentment. May we always be blessed with such simple but deep joys!


  1. I totally hear you Flo. You are great mom and yes, family is the greatest blessing in our lives.