Monday, September 28, 2009

Scary Monsters!

It's amazing to me to watch the growth and development of children. They learn so much so quickly that you can't help but wonder at their future capabilities. Isaac's creative mind has made leaps and bounds these last 5 months. At first it was slipping papers through a slot and the connections to a mailman, next thing you knew he was taking a tube of sorts and spraying a 'whoa, big fire' and carrying an imaginary baby he'd rescued. (which he treats with amazingly tender care - if only Keila could receive the same treatment!) A pop gun is everything from a golf club, fishing line to a lollipop! But with this amazing new territory comes the horrors of imaginations - yep, you guessed it - MONSTERS!

Apparently they're everywhere and Mama and Papa don't have the right 'powers' to see them, but Isaac does - and oh the horrors! At first we tried the tactic to telling him there were no monsters and showing him what creates the shadows or effects that he fears. That was pointless and I realized it would squelch him imaginations. We didn't want to be the ones always vanquishing the perceived threat since, to be quite frank, we have enough to do just keeping our kids feed, clean and safe. More than anything, literally and figuratively, Isaac needed a means to conquer his own fears and monsters. We explained to him that he was a child of God and as such has no need to fear. There are always hard or scary things to face, but if he is living right, listening to His Spirit, they he will have the help of his Heavenly Father. He seemed to understand to some small degree because now when he sees them he loudly says, "Scary monster, go away!" and runs up to touch it, to ensure the threat is gone. That's my little man!

Here's my little guy enjoying his raspberries. He'll eat a whole pint for breakfast if you let him!

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  1. Of course he would, raspberries are divine. I could eat a pint a day every day for the rest of my life and still want more.

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