Monday, September 28, 2009

Unexpected Family Reunion

A few months ago we received my brother's invitation for his wedding which was to be held at the Las Vegas LDS Temple on September 4. Keila wasn't due to be born till August 20 and between who Kent had to be on call to cover for work and the unknowns of how the birth of Keila would go, we gave our regrets. I was a little sad at the miss opportunity of reconnecting with Joseph but kept it in my prayers that if there was a chance we could go, if the Lord would make it possible.

A small series of miracles occurred (everything from easy birth and recovery, to unexpected time off from work) and lo and behold, we found ourselves driving out for the BBQ before the wedding on the evening of the 3rd. We had a nice time getting to know some of Joe and Becky's family and friends. Becky's mom, Linda served up some amazing food, we were entertained with stories from the couple's dating life and Kent and Isaac and Keila got to meet 'Uncle Joe' for the first time.

The following day we drove up for the temple sealing where I saw James and my Dad for the first time in 7 years. Little brothers sure do sprout up fast! We finished catching up on each other's lives later that evening at a dinner reception. It was a little harried and although it was too short, it was an enjoyable trip.

Most of Saturday and Sunday was spent with Kari and Brian Yang (old college friends) who treated us to wonderful meals and side-splitting laughter sessions. Isaac adored their children, Logan and Juila, who he insists on mentioning in his prayers at night as his 'good friend'. One of the most memorable things we did was feed the fish at the lake, it was frenzy! They came in so thick you could pick them up with your hands. Thank you guys for hosting us, we had a wonderful time.

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