Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One Month

It's amazing how quickly time passes. Keila is already 4 weeks old as of last Monday. On our way back from Vegas I began noticing all the changes that have occurred in her features in just the last week. She's filling out pleasantly, 'little chubs' as I call it are found in the folds of arms and legs. Kent stopped a moment to admire her and discovered her eyes are losing the blue-grey color of newborns and taking on the chocolate brown of my eyes. She holds her head up steady and wakes only once in the night to feed. She's much more vocal and I'm having trouble deciding if all the grunts are complaints about the differing flavors she finds daily in her milk or if she's wanting a little more variety! ;0) Already she loves classical music and after a good feeding I can lay her down to listen happily for a good 40 minutes. She HATES tummy time and grunts out the injustice of having it daily. Such a personality in such a little body!

This is her after a good feeding ... she resembles the 'Happy Buddha' in deep meditation. Anyone want to rub that cutie belly for good luck! ;0)

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  1. Oh, Flo, she's gorgeous! I would love to rub that belly for good luck.