Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Keeping the Ball Rolling

Kent took the day off to recuperate from the numerous stresses as of late. Since he's been called to the calling of Scout Master he's had less time in the evening to play with Isaac and the little man sorely misses his best friend. We wanted an activity for the day that would be fun for everyone. Being the boy that he is, anything with a ball or that involves hitting something would bring the greatest pleasure - so we opted for bowling.

Isaac has never been bowling before, but he has seen it on Curious George. Of course anything Curious George does is ... shall we say, curious ... so I'm sure Isaac was imagining us riding a bowling ball down a hill into a valley aimed at home. So his response wasn't the enthusiastic 'yeah' that we typically hear. Nevertheless, once we arrived and he saw the object of the game, no one could have a better or louder cheering squad. He was so excited to play that he grab his 6 lb ball without hesitation and we'd have to rescue his toes from being crushed.

Here he is with Papa on his very first bowl. Sometimes his ball would roll so slowly we'd be afraid it'd stop or worse yet, start rolling backwards! The funny thing was that he scored better than us most of the time.

Our sad attempts. Don't let my serious expression fool you, if it weren't for the bumpers, Mama would have nothing to show for. I was starting to consider bowling the ball the way Isaac does just to do better!

The game was fun, but not enough action to keep a little girl awake!

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