Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ABC's of Lego

Isaac's been running a fever and with all the latest hype about the Swine Flu, the doctor said to just assume it was the thing and watch Keila carefully for the next few days. Thankfully the symptoms are mild enough and Isaac just has a decreased appetite and a high temperature. Nothing for Keila now. But this means that we're home bound for the next few days and a bored little boy does not bode well for anyone. While playing Legos with him I hit upon the idea of using them to make letters and having him identify them from his book. It was great ... took up lots of time and we talked a little about spelling words ... such as 'hi' below. Unfortunately when I tried to get him to switch the letters around for the camera, he told me I wrong and kept it the same. ;0)

His ultimate favorite shows are Word World and Super Why. So much so that he's determined to be 'Super Why' for Halloween ... "with the power to read!"


  1. I'm so sorry Isaac is sick. Jenna came down sick yesterday. I hope they didn't catch anything from Sunday, and I hope that Keila doesn't get it. Get well soon.

  2. Hey, Flo

    he is correct. He is right. I mean from his view he spelled correct.... If you know what I mean. That is a great idea, so I try to do it with my son too.