Monday, October 5, 2009

Refreshed Once Again

I love Conference weekend when I can settle down on the couch with my family and listen to the prophet and apostles speak. It's always a celebrations of sorts, a quiet one, where I prepare lots of food and we plan family fun activities between sessions. Most of all I love how refreshing it is to reminded once again of the important things in life and to humbly begin once again to be better at following Jesus. With my preggie brain still recovering, I can't quite recall exactly the things that struck me other than the feelings of how the family is truly central to God's plan for us, how it is God's love that surpasses any gift we can give or receive and how the Spirit is there to guide us - we are not alone. Truly reassuring thoughts to a woman like me who is trying to be the wife and mom her family needs.

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  1. Flo! I can't believe how long it's taken me to get on your blog and see YOUR GORGEOUS NEW BABY GIRL!! Oh my goodness- that is one BEAUTIFUL baby- no joke- a little more beautiful than the average baby- her hair, her soft skin, those cheeks- everything! You guys did GOOD! It was nice getting caught up on your busy lives and it seems as though you are adjusting to 2 kiddos much better than I have- way to go! I love your posts and your thoughtful insights. Congratulations- I'm so glad things went well!