Thursday, October 22, 2009


What do you do when you're housebound with a two year old with Swine Flu .... an impromptu photo session for a darling little girl. Having Isaac has made it harder to take the time to record things about Keila, so while Isaac was deep in Sleepland, Keila and I had fun taking pictures.

This one is my favorite! She's just so beautiful!

She had the giggles that day which only made it more fun!


  1. super sweet. I'm sorry Isaac is so sick. Is it a continuation of a week ago? I have had at least one child home from school for the last two weeks. Thank heaven most of us have stayed healthy. I hope Keila stays healthy, too. She doesn't need that!

  2. She really is beautiful. I'm sorry Isaac has to be sick, but glad you got the photos.

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